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Now available for Android!

Hang-a-Pic for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini and Android greatly simplifies the tedious and sometimes difficult task of hanging multiple, equally aligned pictures, mirrors, decorative plates, candles or any other wall mounted ornaments. Of course, hanging one picture is simple. But if you have 3, 4 or even 5 pictures, each with two hooks on the back, and you want them exactly 6 inches apart, and aligned correctly across your wall? Hang-a-Pic will do just that!

Hang-a-Pic on the App StoreUsing a very friendly walk-through interface, Hang-a-Pic can tell you exactly where to put your nails (or wall-plugs, etc.) in the wall for each picture or ornament. No more headaches or extra holes in the wall from guessing where the nails should go... All you need is a tape measure and Hang-a-Pic will figure out the rest! It's so easy that a 12 year old child could take four pictures, each with two hooks on the back, and hang them precisely and evenly across a wall the first time!No extra holes, no "oops!!".

What's New!

  • New Features added to support hanging a group of pictures (or anything else) with different frame widths, evenly spaced across a wall. For example, say you're hanging 3 pictures and the center picture is wider than the other 2, Hang-a-Pic will now make this an easy task to pinpoint exactly where your nails need to be for each picture!
  • Now supports as many as 5 pictures (or any thing else you're hanging), and each can be a different width.
  • Sending measurements to your Email address now includes a Fraction-to-Decimal Reference chart that will be handy when measuring your nail positions.
  • Performance enhancements



Android version now Available!

Hang-a-Pic app for the Android phone
Hang-a-Pic App for the Android on Google Play

If you have any questions or problems, please contact support@i2dllc.com. We are committed to fixing any bugs ASAP! Also, If you have suggestions for making Hang-a-Pic even better, please send them to us! We appreciate your input!App

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